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Five things that contribute to osteoarthritis and what to do about it

For those plagued by osteoarthritis simple things like walking down stairs, opening a jar, or kneeling on the ground can become difficult and painful. In the early stages of osteoarthritis there's little to no pain in a joint but in later stages pain can get so bad it...
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Charged Cells: Healing our body by improving the voltage in our cells.

Each cell in our body is electrically charged, and when this charge is lowered enough, a person can begin to experience health challenges. Check out this fascinating video by Dr. Jerry Tennant, where he talks about healing our body by improving the voltage in our...
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Matrix Repatterning: A Game Changing Approach to Treating Concussions

Will Smith's recent film Concussion is likely to get people thinking about traumatic head injuries, and that's a good thing. A hit to the head is different from a hit to another part of the body. Head injuries disrupt the fragile environment of the brain, and doctors...
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Oliver Hartan, RMT, CMRP

Oliver Hartan, RMT, CMRP

Registered Massage Therapist Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner

Oliver is a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in Matrix Repatterning. With 10 years of hands on experience he’s had the opportunity to work with people from all age groups, treating everything from concussions, to chronic back pain, to carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the not so distant past, Oliver taught anatomy and physiology at the college level and mentored massage therapy students in student clinic. Currently, he is working with Dr. George Roth as an assistant educator for the Matrix Institute.

Oliver lives in Owen Sound, Ontario with his wife Nicole. When he’s not maintaining his full time massage therapy practice, he enjoys learning languages, exploring in nature, and making chocolate.