Matrix Repatterning is for all ages

Because Matrix Repatterning is so gentle and non-invasive, all age groups can benefit from the treatment. I have worked with infants, adults and the elderly. I’ve seen Matrix Repatterning enhance athlete’s performance, and significantly improve the quality of life for trades people, office workers, military personnel, law enforcement and people who have sustained serious physical traumas throughout their lives.


Your timeline to wellness

As a general rule, the Matrix Repatterning Therapy can significantly restore function, and greatly reduce one’s pain within 8-12 treatments. For some people, I’ll need to extend treatment beyond 12 sessions to get the results they are looking for. The good news is that there’s an end in sight. Once treatment is completed, follow-up appointments are booked as the need arises. Most people experience lasting pain relief, and do not require ongoing maintenance treatments.





Booking recommendations for first time clients

If you’re booking in for the first time, I suggest setting up at least 6-8 treatments. Ideally the first 4  sessions are spaced one week apart, after which time appointments can be spaced farther apart to suit your needs. Booking your appointments in advance makes the ongoing treatment planning much easier. After our first visit, I’ll be able to tell you if I can help, and how long I think it will take to reach your health goals. If for some reason additional treatment is not necessary or appropriate, we can cancel any booked appointments you have. 

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